Adam Bede…

I’m reading Eliot’s ‘Adam Bede’ when not thinking about research, but even there Socrates and Plato and work won’t leave me alone. First, dashing young Captain Arthur Donnithorne sets out to avoid an uncomfortable conversation at the end of chapter 9:

‘That is the great advantage of dialogue on horseback; it can be merged any minute into a trot or a canter, and one might have escaped from Socrates himself in the saddle’

Then, in chapter 16, Adam comments on the (Oxford-educated) Captain’s attitude towards education…

‘Why, sir, you seem to think o’college something like what Bartle Massey does. He says college mostly makes people like bladders – just good for nothing but t’hold the stuff as is poured into ’em.’


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  1. Somehow, this reminds me of Epicharmus’ definition of human beings: ““nature itself of humans: puffed-up wineskins” (αὕτα φύσις ἀνθρώπων, ἀσκοὶ πεφυσαμένοι). (DK 23 B 10)

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